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ABACUS Kolkata,ABACUS Siliguri,ABACUS West Bengal  


Spark Kids is a unique mental maths programme offering to help children excel at mental arithmetic. We base our curriculum upon both traditional and multimedia teaching methods in order to stimulate both sides of the brain using visualisation of the abacus. Abacus maths is an easy, efficient and fast way for children to master mental arithmetic. Our learning program is moulded in such a way that one starts visualizing the complete movement of the beads corresponding to the mathematical steps.

Spark Kids vision and mission is to create a world of Individuals with happiness, health and peace of mind. We have dedicated our lives for creating a generation of people gifted with skills which empowers them to stand in today’s lifestyle and global competition where every moment is Celebration.  

Spark Kids enlisted under World Abacus Research Foundation , M. A. A. USA, Chinese Abacus Research Association, Taiwan , National Member of Teachers of Mathematics. An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Academy & An ISO 29990 : 2010 Accredited by SAF.


Our long vision is based on high standards & aspirations, we aim to nurture a creative thinking of every individual child who do not only simply follow rather lead in the society. We have planned to shape up the creativity of brain & formal education together so as to bring strong hold in the academics & competitive exams. 

We always try to take a creative approach in educating the kids to bring out their passionate, playful spirit. We try to provide the society with a better generation to showcase greater amounts talents for the development of our nation. 

Administrative Office
36, K.N.C. Road, Barasat ,
Kolkata- 700124, West Bengal, India.

Call : Land No. 033-2552-2244, Mob. 8697223015

North East Administrative Office : 

  • HDFC Building, Medical More, Shivmandir,
  • Siiguri, Darjeeling, West Bengal, PIN-734011  .
  • Email:
  • Land Phone: 0353-2110663 , Mob. : 99333 33971